Systema Naturae Foundation

Systema Naturӕ

Systema Naturӕ, Foundation for Biodiversity is a non-profit organisation created with the purpose of protecting the environment and preserving biological diversity.

The name finds its roots and a strong scientific value in the history of natural sciences. As a matter of fact, it leads back to the famous work of the Swedish biologist and writer Carlo Linneo, Systema Naturӕ, in which the criteria for the taxonomic classification of animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms were presented for the first time.


Aggregation, integration, systematic action for biodiversity conservation

Foundation structure

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15 of the most illustrious Italian Academies and Scientific Societies belong to the Scientific Members of the Systema Naturӕ Foundation:

  • Accademia dei Georgofili (Georgofili Academy)
  • Accademia dei Lincei (Lincei Academy)
  • Accademia Italiana di Scienze Forestali (Italian Academy of Forest Sciences)
  • Accademia Nazionale Italiana di Entomologia (Italian National Academy of Entomology)
  • Associazione Antropologica Italiana (Italian Anthropological Association)
  • Associazione Primatologica Italiana (Italian Primatological Association)
  • Società Botanica Italiana (Italian Botanical Society)
  • Società Entomologica Italiana (Italian Entomological Society)
  • Società Italiana di Biogeografia (Italian Society of Biogeography)
  • Società Italiana di Biologia Marina (Italian Society of Marine Biology)
  • Società Italiana di Ecologia S. It. E. (Italian Society of Ecology S. It. E.)
  • Società Italiana di Parassitologia (Italian Society of Parasitology)
  • Società Italiana di Scienze della Vegetazione (Italian Society of Vegetation Sciences)
  • Società Italiana Genetica Agraria (Italian Society of Agricultural Genetics)
  • Unione Zoologica Italiana U.Z.I (Italian Zoological Union U.Z.I)