Systema Naturae Our Work

We work to protect the environment

Guaranteeing biological diversity conservation and sustainable use, constantly combining knowledge and study with the approach of environmental protection.

Working for biological diversity knowledge and protection through natural environment conservation and restoration, monitoring, scientific and technological research, innovation and development.

Promoting biological diversity's values and social utility to the community.

Improving life quality of human beings.

Working through excellence and transparency criteria.

The Foundation's commitment


Fundraising with the aim of financing and implementing biodiversity protection projects.

Scientific protection

Funding of scientific and technological research projects in favour of our environment and its future.

Environmental Protection

FFunding and implementation of projects for nature protection and biodiversity preservation.


So far we have preserved Nature for its own good.
Now we must preserve Nature so you and your loved ones can survive.


In order to support environmental conservation and protection activities we need everyone's contribution. We organise environmental awareness projects with fundraising and donation campaigns in favour of institutional activities.

Scientific protection

The Systema Naturӕ Foundation is an innovative reality deeply rooted in the scientific world whose aim is to provide operational solutions. We work to integrate research and conservation by promoting and supporting the knowledge and protection of biological diversity.

Environmental Protection

In order to restore the damage caused by man, the Systema Naturӕ Foundation takes actions of planning and intervention to restore the environment and recover the territory. We are committed to identifying the most immediate solutions to concretely solve land reclamation, naturalistic and landscape recovery problems.